Update: my response to some of the comments.

I feel bad that this post has become such a big issue. I still think pair is a good host in many ways but I think they should have a way to handle sudden traffic surges, even for small customers.

  1. When digg/reddit linked, I modified the landing page to a static html page, so there would be a minimum load. My main blog was using wordpress with wp-cache so it was also a STATIC site, as far as pair was concerned.
  2. Getting linked by digg/reddit/slashdot is something that can happen to anyone. It happens rarely – a typical web hosting company may have about 5 sites on any one day which are on digg/reddit/slashdot. When this happens, a hosting company SHOULD DO WHATEVER it needs to do, to keep that site up. (Think CACHEING)
  3. I’m not trying to gain publicity or profit from this issue. I’m sad I made a big deal out of it. I did this because I think it is a big issue, and I believe all hosting companies should make an allowance to a site linked from digg/reddit/slashdot.
  4. I believe web hosts should have some system to enable a customers site featured on digg/reddit/slashdo, to continue functioning. I don’t believe a host should tell their customer “We will disable you if you are featured on digg”, particularly a world class hosting company like pair
  5. I still think pair is a good host. I believe they should find a way to do something to ensure their customers stay up in rare circumstances like this. As you can see, wordpress (the people who host this link for FREE) are still fine with this site, so if they being a free host can manage, how come pair cant?
  6. I used wp-cache for my site, so the load on the server was very low. Also, when things got heavy, I replaced the site with a simple html file and jpg, even that was too much.
  7. This particular site isn’t 8 years old, but I HAVE hosted various sites with pair and recommended them to friends since 1999.
  8. The main reason why I posted this is because I do know that if I DON’T complain, the next time some other customer of theirs is on digg or reddit he/she will also be switched off.


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